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Fatherhood Part 1 – Trusting God to Provide 6.3.18 – Andrew

What I need to continue to remember as a father

The. One. 6.3.18 – Nicki

Read about our exciting news!

In His Image 5.12.18 –Nicki

Answering the call and giving back

#boymom 4.24.18 – Nicki

Things people say…and they shouldn’t!

And the Greatest of These is Love 4.22.18 – Nicki

One of our greatest blessings is faithfully stepping out of one role and into the next

Soul Sister 4.18.18 – Nicki

Coffee and friendship. A few of my favorite things.

Born Again 4.14.18 – Andrew

How my life has completely changed

Some of the Hard Stuff 4.11.18 – Nicki

Claiming victory in His name over difficulties at school with our oldest

Life Takes Homework 3.23.18 – Andrew

A life lesson that applies to everyone

Somethings I’ve Known But Learned Again 3.19.18 – Nicki

Total marriage material. I have hit the jackpot. Read more here and get caught up about our house hunting progress

The Pause Button 3.14.18 – Andrew

Go Go Go…. Breathe. Taking a moment to just pause makes a big difference.

A New Week 3.11.18 – Nicki

Grace after a hard week. Expectant for the week ahead

A Moment of Silence 3.5.18 –Andrew

In the quiet moments of the day where does my brain wander

Hatred and What To Do About It 3.3.18 – Nicki

The chain of unforgiveness and what I am doing to break it.

A Six Pack for a 6 Pack 2.28.18 – Andrew

The beginning of my fitness journey to get back into shape.

30 Day Check Point 2.25.18 – Nicki & Andrew

Our top 10 thoughts after 30 days of blogging

Hare Flip 2.24.18 – Nicki

My review of the new Peter Rabbit movie and food allergy awareness

Relax and Accept the Crazy 2.21.18 Andrew

Reflecting on a crazy Saturday afternoon.

From Perfection to Peace 2.23.18 – Nicki

Perfectly imperfect

Iron Sharpens Iron 2.22.18- Andrew

Building personal strength through relationships.

When a Song is More Than a Song 2.18.18 – Nicki

From singing to worship. From need to have.

Becoming a Better Man 2.16.18 – Andrew

Read how missing the greatest concert of my life resulted in the greatest gift.

Our Bear Bear 2.15.18Nicki

When our plates our full but our hearts have room.

Not Valentine’s Day 2.13.18Nicki

Read how our union is constantly confirmed.

Valentine’s Day Last Minute Ideas 2.11.18 – Andrew

4 days until Feb 14th?!? What to do?

Things I Never Thought I’d Say 2.11.18 – Nicki

Read the top 10 things I never thought I would say.

A PSA from a Loving Mom2.10.18Nicki

Food allergies and our littlest love

The Greatest Gift 2.7.18 – Nicki & Andrew

Read about our journey to finding Christ.

Case of the Mondays 2.5.18 – Nicki

Glimpse into today’s #wifefail

The Morning After 2.5.18 – Andrew

After a devastating Super Bowl loss. My thoughts on the game and were we go from here.

The Favor 2.2.18 – Nicki

A reminder of presence for my grieving heart. Read how my Nana spoke to me through a small token of love.

Dad Why is Tom Brady a Goat? 2.1.18 – Andrew

What does it look like in the Heath household during a Sunday Patriots game and my take on the G.O.A.T

Is Less, More? 1.30.18 – Nicki

Read about my recent journey to rid our house of excess to carve out space to make room for the finer things in life.  

More Than Words 1.29.18 – Andrew

How do your actions impact your children as they grow up? This is a blog on my perspective on being a father and always being on stage.

This Is Us 1.28.18 – Nicki

Get to know our family and why we started this journey.