Some Things I’ve Known, but Learned Again

In a few of our recent posts you may have read that we are on the house hunt. We’ve been at it seriously for a few months now and with the spring market beginning to heat up we’ve been increasingly active in our pursuit to find our forever home.

We bought our current house about two and a half years ago; our first major purchase together. We love our home in so many ways- none of which have to do with its physical space- but rather with the memories that have filled each room. Designing Bennett’s nursery and bringing him home. Meeting Ethan off the bus with the surprise of a new puppy. Turning Bishop’s crib into a big boy bed and decking his room with Toy Story everything. Throwing birthday parties for the kids. Hosting Life Group weekly. Seeing the wonder in the boys’ eyes on Christmas morning as the walked down the stairs in their jammies. Building our fire pit brick by brick in 2 hours flat while the boys napped inside. Putting in and tending a garden.

And yet, our dreams have outgrown this space. We hope for a bigger yard for the kids and dog to run and play. An increasingly functional interior that is conducive to entertaining and, well, just plain living. An added bedroom that supports the span of the age ranges between our boys and gives independence to our oldest. And maybe most importantly a balance of Andrew and my hopes; better said, our hopes. For me, that means move in ready. Because let’s be honest life happens. Time is fleeting and resources are scarce. For Andrew it’s enough work around the home and yard to tinker. I think it’s a guy thing but he craves the pride that comes with crafting something with his own hands.

And so the house hunt and all the emotion that come with it began. Late nights on real estate websites scanning houses and discussing likes and dislikes. Drives around getting lost on backroads trying to find gems. Frantic calls to our realtors to see houses that popped up before they were swooped up. Finding homes one of us liked and the other was hesitant about. Back and forth. Back and forth.

The disagreements have been many, but this process has mostly been super exciting. It’s also re-taught me a lot about my husband. I say “re-taught” because I’ve always known these to be true of Andrew, but it’s conditions like house shopping that shine a new light on who he is at his core:

  • He has no shortage of passion. Everything he does, he does 100%. He wants what is best for us and won’t stop until he’s found it.
  • He is a numbers guy. This makes him saavy because he believes in value…seen and unseen.
  • He doesn’t sweat the small stuff. Maybe that’s why we’re a match. Cuz I am sweating every minor detail. It’s what I do.
  • He is a family man. There has not been one house we’ve looked at that he has started the oooh’s and ahhhh’s by saying “I like this” or “I like that”. It’s been all about “this will be great for the kids” or “that would never work for the boys”.
  • He is faithful. We’ve prayed a lot about our next home. Minimal asking of God and a lot of listening to Him. Andrew has led us in this as head of our household and I know our decisions are guided by the Holy Spirit.
  • Lastly, he’s annoying. No really. Hahaha. (Love you, Babe!) House hunting brings this all out. I’m just blessed I get to annoy him back for an eternity.

So…why do I share all these re-learns today? Well…we just put in an offer on a new home! Ahhh! Nope- more like AHHHHH!!! It exceeds both our hopes and is a perfect fit for our family. Not sure yet how it will turn out but we’re trusting that whatever the outcome He is there and we are expectant of greatness!


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