Sunday: A Mother’s Heart

I can still hear the worship flowing down the mountainside as we made the journey up to the highest point in Cabaret. Vision Church representing the city on a hill that could not be hidden. The vibrancy of the worship rings in my head as if I’m still there. A joyful expression of love and […]

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On a Whim

Last week I text Andrew midday with a simple message… “no plans next weekend, let’s get away”. And that was that. He took the wheel, booked us a hotel, and took a half day on Friday to pack up the car and ship the pup to the kennel. We adventured up to North Conway with […]

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Try to Be…

Today is your birthday. The first you’re celebrating in heaven. I imagine today is filled with a sunrise walk along the beach searching for sand dollars followed by warm Belgium waffles for breakfast. I imagine today is filled with taking time to look down on the great grandkids, your lips wide and the corners turned […]

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The Beginning

The best thing to me about a new season is always the beginning. Spring’s barely there buds. Dew on freshly cut Summer grass. That first Fall breeze in all its crispness. A light dusting of snow that marks the start of Winter. Call me strange but I love change. It keeps things exciting. It propels […]

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Kendall Court

Today marks the end of an era for us. As we sat around the dinner table and tucked our boys in for the night it hit me: we’ll never have a “first home” again. The excitement of all that lies ahead has overshadowed all we leave behind. Much like anything, that’s really the way it […]

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