The Beginning

The best thing to me about a new season is always the beginning. Spring’s barely there buds. Dew on freshly cut Summer grass. That first Fall breeze in all its crispness. A light dusting of snow that marks the start of Winter. Call me strange but I love change. It keeps things exciting. It propels growth.

This past week we embarked on a new season for our family: a new home. After months of anticipation, budgeting, planning, and packing it arrived. His timing. His great plan unfolding before us.

We closed on our new home the last Thursday in June and have spent the last 10 days getting settled in. Organization is my forte and it really has been a ton of fun fitting tangibles into new spaces. But what’s been more awesome has been the intangibles; the moments that made up our early days.

I pray I never forget this time (but just in case…this blog post serves as evidence).

It took us two full days to move in with nothing more than a Uhaul and the willing hands of my parents and my father-in-law. Just like true New England fashion the weather was up to no good. Day one was marked by torrential downpours that soaked us to the bone. Day two kicked off a week long blustering 95+ heatwave. Hello July! Compliant-free we trudged through and loaded the last piece of furniture and final box into our new place.

As the week went by, joy came with discovering creeks in our floorboards depending on where we stood and in hearing our boys cut up with fits of laughter running around the backyard sprinkler. It also came in the “timeouts” Andrew and I gave ourselves to connect as a couple (a birthday golf outing, a home improvement project or two, an impromptu date night). And just to keep it interesting we even made two trips to urgent care. Only. My. Husband. Truly he is the best, most patient human- I couldn’t ask for better- though clumsy he may be.

We’ll be sharing our journey to transform our house into a home in future posts and hope that you’ll join us. The project list is long but the dream is great. We have big hopes for a future utility space, “man/she cave”, dining and kitchen area, and so much more. Andrew is even brewing up some cool spaces for fun in the yard! We can’t wait to share some before and afters as we live out our Chip and Joanna vision on a shoestring budget (and with far less shiplap).

In the meantime…here’s to lots of love filling our walls, faith guiding our hearts, and bountiful memories shared here with family and friends. 🙂


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