Of all life’s joys being married to Andrew and raising our three future men is my greatest. I’m blessed by this life. Born in Massachusetts, where my family still resides, but New Hampshire has always felt more like home: Live Free, or Die, right?

I’ve never been a girl’s girl so thank God I’m a boy mom! Truth is, it actually wasn’t until recently that I have found my tribe of girl friends and discovered how much I needed them. I’ve just always been the hang with the guys kind of girl and in many ways I believe that shaped me. It made me tough. It made me sassy. It made me patient. Haha. No, really, I love football, baseball, beer, buffalo chicken wings, and would rather be in a flannel, jeans, and sneakers than a dress any day. Humbly, I can hang.

Professionally, I was in retail leadership for the better part of 10 years. I loved it and met some truly amazing people along the way. Then about three years ago, when our middle son was born, I made a career change when entering back into the work force and really found myself in doing so. Today, I work in Learning and Development for a major financial firm and have multi-site leadership of curriculum designers, developers, and facilitators. I. LOVE. IT.

What I want out of life is this: I want to live it fully and I want to leave a legacy. A tall order…but so far so good.

I’m happy you’re here checking out our blog and I hope you stick around as we unwrap our life. We’ll be sharing stories that run the full gamut of family, parenthood, work, faith, and marriage. I promise to be candid and somewhat interesting. I also promise I will think I’m funnier than you do and I’m alright with that. Hang around and see what you think. Welcome to our blog!


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