The Greatest Gift

As we open up and share our life with all of you via our blog, it is our hope that our faith can be seen at the center of all we do. As Christians, it’s our calling to personally walk in faith but also to disciple to others through our words and our actions.

With that, we felt it was appropriate that this post come from both of us because it is a covenant we share together as man and wife, and with a loving God that suffered and died for the forgiveness of our sins.

In April of 2014, together, we were baptized in water as a public declaration of accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior. Our baptism came six months after Bishop was born, an event that propelled us to get serious about our faith. Our histories are a little different regarding background and experience with faith, but they came together when Bishop was born and since then our lives have been changed forever.

Andrew- I grew up with memories of saying grace before holiday dinners and occasionally attending a Methodist church with my Grandmother, but that was truly the extent of it. During high school one of my best friends, Cedric, introduced me to Christ which sparked some interest but I didn’t actively pursue learning about God until years later when I was in my mid 20s living alone in a single bedroom apartment. During what was a trying period of time for me, I battled with addictions to alcohol, drugs, and pornography. There were times I thought this lifestyle was fun and exciting but the end result was always the same: it was destructive. I recall many moments of anger, depression, anxiousness, greed, hurt, and pain based on decisions I was making. There were loved ones I was hurting and times my family must have been embarrassed by me. I tried my best to cover up these feelings but underneath I was broken. Not knowing what else to do I started attending church and would sit by myself in the back row, often crying and praying to God for forgiveness, but found myself repeating my habits and going back into a vicious cycle.

Nicki- I grew up in a family very involved in Catholicism. I was baptized as an infant, attended CCD, made my First Communion, Reconciliation, Confirmation and remained very active in Youth Ministry well into my teens. I memorized scripture and could name that hymn in 3 notes. I can remember being mocked in middle school as “the Church Lady” in true SNL fashion. I was wrapped in ritual but lacked connection, closeness, and understanding. I think you can be Catholic and connected, so please don’t misunderstand; that was just not my experience. I pulled away and rebelled from all I knew, seeking “more” in everything other than my faith: school, work, friendships. I went a good ten years without stepping foot inside a church other than to attend a wedding or a funeral. Divorced in my mid-twenties, I was outwardly strong and inwardly wrecked. I felt worthless and unloved. I turned back to God as a church-hopper, never calling a place home.

Us- We met in July of 2011 and fell hard. We connected on every level, including where we were at with our faith. As we grew as a couple we talked about going to church together, but always found excuses along the way, after all we were in love and there just couldn’t be anything better, right? We married in 2013 and had Bishop the following October. Bishop was two days old when we came home from the hospital. A beautiful, 9lb 2oz baby boy, created out of our love and the rest is kinda history. God used Bishop, our greatest gift, to give us an even greater gift- Him.

We walked into the church we still call home on November 2nd, 2014 and since then have found unfathomable love, relentless forgiveness, overwhelming joy, indescribable peace. Do we still have heart ache? Do we still feel pain? Do we still fail? Yes. You betcha. And daily. But it is our relationship with our Redeemer that brings us through all storms. Being a Christian doesn’t protect you from the pain and suffering of the world. It doesn’t prevent you from being tossed around by the waves. No, for us, being a Christian- connected in deep relationship with the Father- gives us anchorage when the sea is raging. God holds on when we let go. He’s never stopped pursuing either of us, and He never will.

We pray daily for the world. If you’re a believer, we pray for you. If you are not yet a believer…we pray for you, too, and we will never stop. You are more than your storm, you are more than your circumstances, you are more than what the world leads you to be convinced you are. And we pray you’ll meet Christ and realize your calling. We’d like to be more intentional in our prayer so on our main page have created a way for you leave a prayer request. If you have a need that we can be praying for, drop us a quick note and we’ll lift you up. All prayer requests will remain anonymous unless you otherwise indicate they can be shared.

Our Calling

Boundless blessings to you all, A & N

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