Not Valentine’s Day

Today I was called out to the front lobby for a package. That package turned out to be a beautiful floral arrangement that read “your not Valentine’s Day flowers”. Bringing them back to my desk, beaming, my boss stopped me and told me that my husband is a rare breed. This was such an amazing compliment and couldn’t be more true. First, because my boss knows my husband personally. Secondly, because he recognizes that Andrew is different than other men. And third, perhaps unnoticed by others, is that Andrew was made, perfectly and wonderfully by God, to be my husband.

When I started dating Andrew and began meeting his circle of friends it could not have been more evident to me that I had found a good one. No, a great one. I was often told things like “Andrew is the nicest, most thoughtful guy ever” and “that he was friends with the jocks, the nerds, the popular kids, and the loaners”. I was even told “if I wasn’t married to my husband, I’d want to be with Andrew”. Now some women might get a jealous streak running through them after hearing that but it truly never bothered me. Rather, it served as validation and I always thought how blessed am I? His circle invited me in quickly, without test, recognizing that I was a part of him. Heck, his friend Jeff cried more at our wedding than either of us did. True. Story.

My belief that our union was all part of His master plan has been confirmed time and time again. That confirmation is in the way his hand fits perfectly in mine. In his blue eyes meeting my hazel ones and setting my heart a pitter-patter. In the loving perfect moments AND in the not so lovely, but still loving, moments when we fight fair. It’s in raising our boys to be men, together. It’s in the date nights out and the quiet nights in. And it’s in surprise deliveries of flowers at the workplace.

So ya, these are my “not Valentine’s” flowers. The atypical gift from my atypical guy. The one that knows me, gets me, appreciates me, loves me…like no one else was made to do.


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