Kendall Court

Today marks the end of an era for us. As we sat around the dinner table and tucked our boys in for the night it hit me: we’ll never have a “first home” again.

The excitement of all that lies ahead has overshadowed all we leave behind. Much like anything, that’s really the way it should be…but I’d be remiss to not express what this house has meant to us.

Still frames of Christmas morning in this house will forever be in my mind. Decorating our Bennett’s nursery and bringing our baby home for the first time. Birthday parties and gatherings hosting friends and family. Surprising Ethan off the bus with our new pup. The list of greatest moments goes on and on. They’re what made our house a home. They’re what gave the walls a soul. They’re what I will always carry with me.

I can remember shopping for this house. We loved it instantly and, at the time, it fit our needs perfectly. I had just started a new job and was licensing and Andrew made me promise I wouldn’t paint the hideous orange kitchen until I passed my Series 24. I kept that promise and credit the mandarin palette to my success to this day.

As we packed up the moving truck today my heart was so full. We lived well here. We grew here. We’re so fortunate to be blessed with this kind of beginning.

Kendall Court…you’ll be missed. But adventure awaits!


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