In the Hallway

My husband and I always joke how we can’t wait for the weekend to roll in so that we can relax after the hectic week…and then reality hits. The weekend comes and we’re on the run from sun up til sun down carting our kids all over the place and checking errands and events off the list. Relatable, huh?

Amidst all the go-go-go of busy week days, and busier weekends, we can lose ourselves if we’re not intentional. Recently, when out to dinner with friends I was asked how our youngest, Bennett’s, allergies were doing. I started sharing his struggles and my feelings of defeat. It was then my friend asked, so simply, “Are you praying for his complete healing?”. That was it. I was stopped in my tracks convicted.

In all the hustle and bustle, I had forgotten to pray the right prayer. To ask God for the real desires of my heart. I was so focused on the troubles that I had failed to claim victory that can come from Him alone. This hurts my heart but it’s such a real picture of what this spirit crushing world can do to us. Anxiety takes over; clouds our vision until we can’t see the glory.

Sometimes life can be an all consuming drag. Things don’t seem to ever go “right” and we’re left filled with disappointment, angst, fear, and a plethora of “what if” scenarios that we conjure up.

We’re always waiting for the next door to open. And it will (at a time that’s already been determined). But when we’re waiting for that door, do we praise Him from the hallway?

Lord, I thank you for the work that You are doing in me. I thank you for the trials, because I know Your promise is always. Help me to trust in Your timing, stay steadfast and true and continue to contend for the the desires of my heart. Reveal to me Your plan, one greater than my wildest dreams. Lord, I worship you alone. Allow me to be still so that You will unfold before me Your way. And until that door is open, let me praise you gratuitously, courageously, with my whole heart from the hallway. Amen.


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