On a Whim

Last week I text Andrew midday with a simple message… “no plans next weekend, let’s get away”. And that was that. He took the wheel, booked us a hotel, and took a half day on Friday to pack up the car and ship the pup to the kennel.

We adventured up to North Conway with the little ones and just enjoyed them. Storyland. Train stations. Restaurants. Walks on the river. Clark’s Trading Post. Age appropriate adventures with two very well behaved and excited kiddos! Next weekend we have big plans with Ethan so we feel so fortunate to be able to break away from the norm with the little guys, too.

Storyland was a blast. Just like I remember it as a child and Andrew’s first time here. Bishop just loved recalling all the fairy tales as we paraded through the park. And his bravery….oh. my. goodness… it surpassed his years! Where did this three and a half year old get so much grit? Roller coasters and spinning rides galore! And Bennett? Over the moon, wide-eyed awe at Daniel Tiger’s show. Great day with these little men.

We finished off the night strolling around the town and splashing in the pool. Everyone fell asleep early; happy and blissfully grateful for such a fun day.

Sunday we hit the ground running. Early breakfast followed by exploring the Upper and Lower Falls on the Kancamagus Highway. The kids loved it but we definitely had to divide and conquer. Nothing like climbing on massive rocks over a flowing river with fearless children to keeps you on your toes! Who needs coffee? Honestly, they were great listeners. But we both probably gained a few gray hairs!

To end the trip we stopped into Clark’s Trading Post on the way back South. I’d never been and apparently it is a right of passage. It was awesome! The boys both loved it. Bishop’s highlight was definitely the water raft ride while Benny was more than content playing on their playground. Both loved the Bear show. Who wouldn’t?!

Now we’re home. The car is unpacked and currently dumped out on my kitchen floor. The reminisce of a great unplanned weekend that the kids will remember for years to come. These are the moments. They are fleeting, but they count.


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