This is Life.

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. It literally seems like yesterday we were planning our big day. The memory of our wedding day plays over and over in my mind. A day of epic joy. Overflowing excitement. Fruition. I could relive this day over and over. Best. Day. Ever. And then life happens. Oh life. […]

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On a Whim

Last week I text Andrew midday with a simple message… “no plans next weekend, let’s get away”. And that was that. He took the wheel, booked us a hotel, and took a half day on Friday to pack up the car and ship the pup to the kennel. We adventured up to North Conway with […]

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Born Again.

As the world-wind of life continues I get a minute to catch my breath and my thoughts. It seems like lately our plate has been overflowing and we continue to add more in hopes of getting ahead. I have been wanted to write this blog for quite sometime and have the thoughts and points I […]

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Relax and Accept the Crazy

Phew what a day. One of those days you look back and start to say “that is the day I started to lose my hair” or at least my patience. Parenting is hard. The hardest thing I have ever done. Sometimes you take the small wins and feel like you have concurred the world and […]

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More than words.

5:30am- Two minutes after climbing into our bed… Bishop- “Dad…is it wake-up time?” Me – “No, Buddy. It is still dark, go back to bed.” 2 minutes later- Bishop- “Dad…is it wake-up time?” Me – “No, Buddy, I am tired go back to bed. Go snuggle Mommy.” A minute later. Bishop – “What’s that noise […]

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