This is Life.

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. It literally seems like yesterday we were planning our big day. The memory of our wedding day plays over and over in my mind. A day of epic joy. Overflowing excitement. Fruition. I could relive this day over and over. Best. Day. Ever.

And then life happens. Oh life. I’m currently on a flight back from North Carolina after traveling for work this week. I have not yet seen my groom. And to make matters worse my baby, Bennett, contracted Hand Foot and Mouth from daycare while I was away. He’s contagious and irritable. My amazing hubby has been playing double duty and, meanwhile, I am a hot mess. I cried eating my chicken parm last night at the restaurant just so stressed I couldn’t be with my baby while he was sick.

Ha! Happy anniversary! One of my best girlfriends came to the rescue as I was in a panicky mess texting her. She called my husband to check in and offered advice having been there. She called me later to say he was so relaxed and unphased. Ummm…of course he was! That is why he is the yin to my yang. And I love him for it.

So I’m flying North…date night is canceled and I just wanna scoop up and squish my Bennett boy. Our anniversary dinner will be spent at home with our boy herd sleeping upstairs. But it will be spent with my love. Andrew is a trooper. He is my unwavering support, my confidant, my perfect partner. He is the love of my life and God’s most remarkable gift to me.

I sometimes look at the blessing of my husband and think “why me, God? Why did you give me someone so incredibly wonderful to share this life with?” And then I am reminded by His clear and present voice that I am His daughter. He asks me what I want for my own children and then smiles gently, and simply says “that is why”.

Happy Anniversary my love. 5 down and forever to go! XOXO


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