Off to Haiti!

Later this month we will be celebrating our fifth wedding anniversary. When we look back at the first five years as a married couple it has been filled with immeasurable joy and countless accomplishments. Welcoming two babies into our family, watching Ethan become an awesome big brother, home ownership, the advancement in our careers. Undoubtably, though, our biggest accomplishment has been growing in our faith and developing a passion to live each day lifting others higher.

When the new year approached we started talking about what we wanted to do for our anniversary. In this conversation it became clear that we had a burning desire to give back and to help others. So we’re not taking an elaborate couples getaway. Instead, we’re stepping outside our comfort zones and headed to Haiti, Nov 3rd-7th, to serve along side six others from our church.

While there, we will be partnering with the local pastor of Vision Church to bring joy and encouragement to the children and adults in the village of Cabaret. We’ll be building kites with the children, ministering to their parents, and working to support the local community. This area of the country was greatly impacted by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake back in 2010 that displaced families and forced their people into the deepest forms of poverty. Things that we take for granted each day like fresh water, clean clothing, and healthcare are virtually nonexistent. Things we think are simple like aspirin for pain or pencils for writing are luxuries the Haitian people can’t access.

We’ve been in training now for a few months to prepare for the ministry we’ll do there. It’s been so educational, we’re even learning a bit of conversational Creole, but also a bit nerve racking as there is so much we don’t know and cannot begin to understand based on our own experiences.

The travel is expensive (about $4000 for us as a couple) and works solely off the donations and giving of others. With that, we’d like to ask for your help and hope you may consider offering financial and spiritual support for this mission. If you can help, please make checks payable to: Grace Capital Church, 242 Pembroke Street, Pembroke, NH 03275. Also please place a sticky note on the check that states “Heath’s Haiti”. Your donation is tax deductible and beyond appreciated.

We’re truly excited for this opportunity and how the lives of those in need will be touched. God has great things in store so we’re fully expectant that this mission trip shapes and changes us, too. We will be sure to keep you updated on the work accomplished and, again, greatly thank you for your support.

God Bless,

Andrew and Nicki

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