Haiti: the Preamble

Esther 4:14 has long been my life’s verse: “perhaps this is the moment for which you have been created”. I hang it over my desk at work and it is bookmarked in my bible. As a young adult it helped me find my voice and stand firm in my beliefs. As a wife, it spoke to me to walk out what love looks like. As a mom it called me to my greater purpose; a charge to leave a legacy. Throughout every stage of my life, it has been a reminder that NOW is always the best time to act.

Last week, this verse echoed in my head. And I knew. THIS was the moment for which I had been created. God said GO. And I went.

My husband and I , along with four others from our church, traveled to Haiti on mission. I’d been living in anticipation of this trip for months. My expectations high knowing that He always delivers. And, boy, did He.

I felt more myself over the five days we were there than I think I ever have. Alive. Vibrant. Grateful. Obedient. Appreciative. Free. Peaceful. Many have said that missions change you; that they impact you more than those you help along the way. It’s an odd thing, honestly. I think we have an expectation that we’ll travel somewhere, armed with the Gospel, to drastically change the lives of others. We can, but only if that us His plan and only upon His timing.

I have too much to share in just one post so thought it better to write a blog series on the experience, the lessons, the takeaways. I hope you will check back and follow along.

For today, I’ll leave you with this. The time is always NOW. Don’t wait. When you are called to do something great, whatever it is, rise up and GO. The heart beating out of your chest, the sweaty palms, the adamant voice inside is the Spirit stirring you to action. And that action, is always LOVE.

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