Out with the Old, In with the New

I love the summer. For all the obvious reasons but maybe mostly because it means Andrew mans the grill and whips up our dinner every single night. Total wife win of literally never having to turn on the stove for at least three and a half months. Perfection in my book.

At our new home, our grill sits out on the patio which has an entrance leading into the dining room and another that leads into the four season porch. With nightly grilling, we quickly discovered an issue that left us scratching our heads: carpet. It just wasn’t working for us. The vacuum was getting used at an exceptionally high rate and this self-proclaimed clean freak was starting to lose it! And so after only a month into the new house we took on a major project to revamp the four season porch space.

The White Room:

When we began, this porch area was all but white. In fact, it was a colorful array of floral and cloud wallpaper. Yes- you read that right. Clouds lined the top of the room and a garden scene lined the bottom. It was a sight to be seen. Pair that with carpet, wicker, and sheer window treatments and you’ve got yourself quite the decor. See below:

The original plan was to tackle the walls and call it a day. That’s not what happened.

Here’s what we did:

  • Striped all wallpaper from walls
  • Primed walls and window trim for painting
  • Painted room a clean “Ultra White”
  • Removed hummingbird light fixture from ceiling
  • Took blinds off all windows
  • Tore up the carpet, removed nail strips/padding, and prepped floor
  • Installed beautiful solid bamboo flooring in “Silver Stone” (LOVE!)
  • Finished off with new baseboard and 1/4 round along floor/wall line
  • Swapped out electrical outlet and installed a stainless steel ceiling fan and light
  • Brought in office furniture, computer, and monitor
  • Purchased reading chairs and a faux plant
  • This project was a blast start to finish and we learned a ton in the process! Andrew has become quite the handyman and I can take down wallpaper like no body’s business. Check out our after shots below!
  • #heathhometransformation
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