Dining, Whining, and Unwinding

Right now my middle, Bishop, is taking a tubby in attempt to wash off the fun and grime from this Friday, his tongue still blue from the Ring Pop he devoured post-dinner. As I sit next to the tub while he plays I can hear the thunder off in the distance. I’m reminded that parenthood often feels like an imminent storm. But also that that storm brings beauty. A rainbow. A flourishing lawn. The harvest.

This moment of reflection has taken me away from thoughts of the house. It will be a month tomorrow since we signed, and honestly, it feels like we’ve always lived here. It’s that meant to be.

I’ve been wanting to share our progress with all of you on the journey, and tonight, tub-side, I’m finding the opportunity to capture my thoughts. You guys…it’s been awesome! When we bought our first home it was “move in ready” which was exactly what we needed for that season of our life. This new house sparked in me, in US, a creative vision. A dreamer’s dream that has afforded us the opportunity to craft exactly what we wished. We’ve begun to bring that vision to life…so here’s a sneak peak!

Dining Room: we have never had a dining room before. Prior, we had an eat-in kitchen but not a formal dining space. This has been life changing. The laughter and love that has ensued between the 4 walls of this room in our early days will forever be etched in my memories. There’s an old quote that says something along the lines of it not mattering what’s on the table but what’s in the chairs and that couldn’t be more true. Having our family around the table (in all its life with three kids glory) has shown blessing upon blessing.

I love this room! I love that it was a disaster when we move in, adorned in wallpaper. I love that we made it a beautiful, functional, modern space. I love that we tirelessly painted the walls and the dental trim (what a job that was!) to achieve the look we desired. I love that my hubby drove two and a half hours to pick up our new farmer’s table from a couple we contacted through Etsy that also had a dream. Love. Love. Love. Check it out!



What we did:

  • Scraped and removed all wallpaper
  • Removed all existing curtains, blinds, and sliding door wooden tapestry panel
  • Filled all holes and prepped all walls for painting
  • Painted crown molding trim and wainscoting “Ultra White”
  • Painted walls Benjamin Moore “Bunny Gray”
  • Installed all new white outlets
  • Selected and put up a new light fixture (thank you YouTube- my hubby took this on without us having to pay an electrician! #winning)
  • New farmers table made by a small town carpenter
  • Hung wine rack- one of our favorite wedding gifts
  • Added gorgeous curtains and additional wall and table top decor
  • We just adore this room. It represents home to us. It represents new beginnings. It’s clean. It’s simple. It’s open. It’s us.
  • Stay tuned to see more of the Heath home transformation.
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