Dad…Why is Tom Brady a Goat?

A legit question for a three year old to ask.

One of the many things you will learn about me and my family is we are a New England Patriots family through and through. During football season, Sunday morning routines kinda look like this. I jump out of bed with excitement, scream “LETS GO!!!!” and my wife rolls back over and pull the covers over her head and says in a monotone Belicheck response “go back to bed.”

I am just kidding but Sunday’s are filled with yelling, excitement, and family time come around 1:00 kick off. We always where Patriots gear and even sometimes to church. I wear Brady, Nicki wears Bennett, Ethan was Amendola, but out grew it so just inherited a Gronk from Nicki, Bishop is Gronk, Benny typically rocks the hoodie like Coach.

I think sometimes our kids think we are crazy but that is the fun part about it. Football allows you to get excited, be the person you wish you could be in other daily situations, and let loose. It brings us together for a common cause and it’s family time.

I know what your thinking. Here is another arrogant, know it all, obnoxious Patriots’ fan. Some of that is true but only the good parts.

To be honest outside of the winning the Patriots stand for more than that. Often analysts say “they have the winning formula” and that is true with evidence of 5 Super Bowl wins.

Their basic principles can be applied to our everyday lives and are something that I adopt into parenting.

  • Do your Job – you have a job in the world, whether you are parent, student, boss, factory worker, coach, athlete, brother, whatever you are. You have a job and you should own that and be the best that you can be at it. Always strive to get better and know your responsibilities.
  • Prepare,Practice & Study- Patriots are the best at this. They know their opponents weakness and they plan for situational football. They practice and hone their craft and study to get better and learn more. If we prepare for situations like unexpected bills or upcoming events we avoid stress. If we continuously learn by studying we will know more and increase our knowledge. These principles are the core to create and sustain success in all that we do.
  • Avoid the noise and distractions – this is kind of contradictory because the Patriots have had a lot of noise and drama surround their success but I think it isn’t all self inflicted. What you will notice though is they don’t get caught up in it. Focus. Unto next week.
  • Never give up– I don’t have to go into much detail around this and how the Patriots have pulled out numerous come from behind wins but I will just leave these numbers here: 28-3. This comedienne begins victory should apply to every task or hurdle that we have to overcome. Never quit, persevere, and don’t lose hope. If there is a will there is a way.

Now back to the original question. The G.O.A.T. – Tom Brady the greatest of all time. Defying all odds with this level of play and ability to preform at a high level at the age of 40. I’ll admit I listened to his audio book on pliability and it was intriguing and honestly eye opening when I think about the level of dedication he takes to take care of his body. I need to do the same. I will do the same. If my body starts to breakdown as I get older I won’t be able to spend time doing the things I want to with my kids. Like playing catch, wrestling on the floor, and pretending is is 3rd and 11 and we are in the 4th quarter of the Super Bowl in our living room. His accolades compliment his life choices and I strive to do the same.

But I thought for a second if Brady is the Goat what are the other Patriots? So here is my attempt to capture what they would be if they were animals.

Gronk – The Bull

Strong, dumb, work-horse, tough.

Edelman – Squirrel

Fast, high flyer, small

Brandon Cooks – Dog

Can catch anything (most of the time), quick, reliable

Dion Lewis – chicken

Elusive, hard to catch, speedy

Matt Patricia – black sheep

No explanation just funny

Bill Belichick – turtle

Emotionless, wrinkly, hard shell

And the greatest of them all? The GOAT.

Needless to say we are ready for Sunday! LETS GO!!! It’s going to be an amazing game. I am going to have a bottle of celebratory champagne cooled and look forward to watching our team continue to rewrite the records books.

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