Soul Sister

Read about why having a soul sister to pour into your life is so critical to the heart of a woman

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Born Again.

As the world-wind of life continues I get a minute to catch my breath and my thoughts. It seems like lately our plate has been overflowing and we continue to add more in hopes of getting ahead. I have been wanted to write this blog for quite sometime and have the thoughts and points I […]

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Life Takes Doing Homework

“Life takes doing homework.” This was a statement I shared with my step son this week which turned into one of the best life lessons I have taught him. Sometimes as a parent you walk away from a interaction or conversation with your kids and you think to yourself. “Did I just say that? Wow […]

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The Pause Button.

I have to admit I have tried to write a blog a few times over the last week but have been pulled away by different things. There is plenty to write about and share but there just isn’t enough time in the day to sit down for 20 mins and capture my thoughts. We have […]

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A Moment of Silence

” And then! Oh, the noise! Oh, the Noise! Noise! Noise! Noise! That’s one thing he hated! The NOISE! NOISE! NOISE! NOISE!” I sometimes reenact this scene from the Grinch as the day begins. The barking dog at 5:15am, the crying baby, the toddler who’s new favorite phrase is “that’s annoying”, and the nine year […]

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30 Day Checkpoint

Let’s paint the scene: we’re driving home from a blow-out Celtics game, chatting it up after a day working in the city. We normally office 5 miles from home but today we ventured into Boston, both of us with meetings there. As we’re talking about the day, the game, our boys, conversation drifted to this […]

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Relax and Accept the Crazy

Phew what a day. One of those days you look back and start to say “that is the day I started to lose my hair” or at least my patience. Parenting is hard. The hardest thing I have ever done. Sometimes you take the small wins and feel like you have concurred the world and […]

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Iron sharpens Iron…

Irons sharpens Iron. This was a term I have heard all my life but really didn’t fully understand what it meant until recently. Growing up I always had the image that to be a man you had to be tough, rough, firm and strong. Which you do. But now as a father of 3 boys […]

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