30 Day Checkpoint

Let’s paint the scene: we’re driving home from a blow-out Celtics game, chatting it up after a day working in the city.

We normally office 5 miles from home but today we ventured into Boston, both of us with meetings there. As we’re talking about the day, the game, our boys, conversation drifted to this blog. What it is for us. What we hope it to be. What we’ve learned so far. And what we dream it may become. Then it hit us…how long have we been on this journey? Riding shot gun, I scrolled through history and there it was…the thirty day milestone. This calls for a top 10.

So here it goes. 10 things we’ve learned our first 30 days blogging…

10- people actually read it. Thirty days in and we’ve had over 2,300 views.

9- “likes” don’t matter. Yes, we’ve had a lot of viewing but that he not always translated to “likes”. And you know what? That’s ok. We don’t need it. In fact, some of the best interactions we’ve had in the last 30 days have been from people we’ve had no idea that we’ve reached. This blog is for you.

8- this is FUN! For me (Nicki), it has been the opportunity to pursue a passion for the written language.

7- this is humbling. For me (Andrew), this has been an opportunity to be more open and vulnerable. It’s hard to disclose your feelings and thoughts into the abyss, not knowing if it will fall on deaf ears or impact someone.

6- some people don’t get it. Depending on experiences or personal preferences some are having a hard time grasping the concept of blogging. That’s ok. We’ve fielded questions about what a blog is and why we do it. We welcome these questions with open arms.

5- we’re making a difference. Everyone has something to contribute. For us, we strive each day to make a impact, to be salt and light. This is a vehicle (not the only vehicle but A vehicle) to do so.

4- you don’t have to agree with everything we post. What we love about people is their individuality. Share your perspective if you disagree so we can have dialogue. We’d love that!

3- we’d love to hear from you. Not in the form of a like but rather in a comment. What did you like, what did you dislike, and, more specifically how can we pray for you. Please check out the main page for a link to “Our Calling”.

2- candor matters. You’re gonna get the good, the bad, and the ugly. You’re human. And so are we. We’ll never paint the picturesque view of our life. It’s far from it. Every day we fail, every day we learn.

1- we’ve only just begun. We’re so encouraged by the positive reaction to our blog and are excited to see where this brings our family. We don’t know the future, but it’s clearly put on our hearts that this matters. Thanks for coming along in this journey with us.


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