Unchartered Territory

It’s been three weeks and 2 days since we heard the news around Haiti. We’ve been praying unceasingly for God to make a move there and free this beautiful nation, this beautiful people, from the grips of turmoil and corruption. In those three weeks, we learned our team of nine would have to delay our planned mission trip as travel there is unsafe.

I’ve learned a lot about myself as a leader these past few weeks, too. I’ve learned about LIFE ambiguity. Not the “oh we’re evolving a work initiative and we need your support” kind of shift…but the kind that rattles your core and then asks you to move on that change with earnest. Only God closes and opens doors with such certainty. The kind that leaves you at a cross road of trust or don’t.

I was nervous telling our team about the change of plans with Haiti. They had worked so hard in preparation and I didn’t want to disappoint them. I’d hoped they’d follow us. I’d hoped they, too, heard His audible voice to GO wherever we were being called. I’d hoped they’d step into the gap with us…but I’ll be real…I wasn’t sure. Would their disappointment take over? Would they want to not pursue another call? It’s hard to just trust. It’s so human for us to question everything. I know. I hold a honorary degree in second guessing everything.

And then a reveal. There was no mistaking this series of events as anything but a God thing. One by one our team came around us and affirmed the decision to serve in the Bahamas. They, too, heard the call. They, too, believed we were brought together for this purpose. They, too, exuberantly jumped in asking to be used in any capacity He was steering us to.

Today, we ship off. Last night I was too full of anticipation to sleep. I’ve seen and witnessed His love, His miracles and I can’t wait to see what He does next with and through this team of faithful believers. This team of doers!

Another thing I’ve learned through all of this…speaking of trust…is I am NOT in control. Not one bit. I’m a self proclaimed “Martha”. I want so badly to just sit at His feet and soak up His presence, yet I struggle to loose the fixing, the planning, the detailing. Boy, did He teach me! Planning a mission trip for 9 people with an on-ground partner in six months is one thing. Planning a mission trip for 9 people with no existing on ground relationship in three weeks has been something very different. I had no choice but to trust.

Insert Mary. There was no room to be a “Martha” in three weeks. I had to literally put my hands up and surrender all.

I know NOTHING about disaster relief. NADA. And, yet, our necks are out. We know there is need to work in the orphanages and community centers to support the survivors of Hurricane Dorian. We know they have lost it all. And that’s it. That’s all we have to go off of. This trip truly is about trusting God. 100%.

Trusting Him with the ability to bring hope into devastation and pain. Trusting Him with the connections which are few and the logistics which are many. Trusting Him to reveal how we may show love to those hurting.

The team He has pulled together really IS for this purpose and this trip. They are trusting. They are loyal. They are faithful. They are God-listening. They are eager. Anointed. Loving. Kind. Engaged. Committed. They are children, trusting a very loving Father.

God speed. Bahamas here we come!

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