Spirit Lead Me

It’s been a while. Life has been so crazy wonderfully busy. We’re enjoying this season in our life and all the adventure that comes with parenting three boys. It’s messy. It’s chaotic. And it’s oh so sweet.

In addition to parenthood, Andrew and I are tackling growth in our careers, growth in our marriage, and growth as Christians. You may recall we embarked on our first mission trip last November to Haiti, stepping out of our comforts and norms to serve others in great need. God really did a work in us on that trip and He has proven this year the even bigger plans He has in store for us.

Since that trip, God has been preparing our hearts for a return to the mission field. Only this time He didn’t say “go”. He said “go and lead”. Say what?! But, Lord we’re not equipped… but we’re not ready…but we don’t know anything about missions leadership… BUT, BUT, BUT

Ahhh, BUT GOD! He spoke louder than all our doubts. And so here we are. Nearly a year after our first trip, God has selected a team of nine from our church to be sent with us back to Cabaret, Haiti. We’ve led cultural training, all learned about sharing our testimonies, raised more funds than we ever would have thought possible in a short timeframe, and collected basic necessities and goods to bless the community there. Our team has worked so hard- body, mind, and spirit; we couldn’t feel more honored to led this group!

Ready to depart in 3 weeks, we received news from various trusted sources including our local pastor and the church pastor we’d be partnering with on the ground, that travel restrictions have been raised for Haiti. Even the Department of State is advising against travel right now due to civil unrest. It is just too dangerous and American missionaries would bring added attention to the villagers, putting them in greater danger. We’ve been in constant contact with the pastor there who has been keeping us in the know and, though the rioting, road barricading, and gunfire continue, declaring for the President to resign, all the children and their families in Cabaret are safe.

The unrest has forced us to make a very difficult, though seemingly obvious, decision. The Haiti mission trip for this year has been postponed. Our hearts are heavy thinking of the people there and praying the grip on this nation be lifted soon. Our team has been banded together in prayer for the people and, though disappointed, stands firm that our “not nowdoesn’t mean “never”. We feel we were pulled together to serve the people of Haiti and that God’s promise is always. With that promise, collectively, we’ve found peace.

With that realization, came new opportunity. With that closed door, He faithfully opened for our team a new door. He saw our hearts. Witnessed the preparation. And, how good is He, created a way in which our team of nine eager missionaries can step in and serve together to meet additional global needs.

Here’s what happened: last week our pastor announced to our church the decision to postpone the trip and literally THE NEXT DAY (God’s timing) we were called to support the hurricane disaster relief in the Bahamas. He lovingly paved a way for us to travel the very same dates as originally planned to serve in orphanages and community centers filled with those that have survived Hurricane Dorian. We’ve made connection with a church in Nassau that has agreed to host us and we’re eager to see how God uses us to bring hope to those who have so tragically lost everything.

I’m still trying to wrap my head around it as my eyes fill with tears. To be given the gift to restore hope to these people is beyond what I fathomed for our next trip. But then, why should I be surprised? How can I be amazed? Isn’t this exactly what He does? He knew all along just how he would use this team. And though right now I don’t know how I will tell orphaned children, no older than my own, that there is still a God that loves them, I know the words will come. I know they will.

We thank you all for your support and encourage you to follow along with us on this journey. We’re blessed by those of you who have lifted us in prayer and have made donations to allow for our team to reach those in need. We ask you to continue to lift up Haiti and pray for a change movement that brings peace and restoration. We ask you also pray for the work that lies ahead in the Bahamas and for our team that God has so flawlessly equipped to do His work. To God alone the glory!

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