The. One.

The one. As in the one that changes everything. The one that alters the course of all tomorrows. That college you’d give anything to get an acceptance letter from. The man that stops you in your tracks. The cry of your newborn(s) as air fills their lungs for the very first time.

As many of you may know, we’ve been house hunting for quite some time now in search of our forever home. We made our wish list of “must” haves, “nice to” haves, and “can’t” haves. The image in our minds made up of the picturesque move-in ready colonial with farmers porch on sprawling acreage. Three months into the process we’d toured probably close to fifty homes (yes, our realtors have Mother Theresa-like patience). We even placed offers on a few homes in hopes of the winning the bid, each time just to be disappointed when it didn’t end favorably for us.

House hunting is a lot like searching for your life partner. Hear me out. When you enter the dating world you build up in your mind what it is you’re looking for. You set your standards, you test the waters a bit to learn your likes and dislikes, you fail at love time and time again and even start to stress that you’ll never find the one. And then one day it happens. Someone walks into your life that you just can’t imagine ever letting go of. And more often than not, that someone is not who you thought you wanted, but instead, is EXACTLY who you needed. At least that’s my experience.

So here’s the exciting update:

We move into our forever home the end of the month. Eeeekkkkk!!! It’s is not the home we were looking for. It’s not. But it’s the home that we see our tomorrows in an almost indescribable way. It’s not a Colonial. It doesn’t have a farmer’s porch. The kitchen is not white and the modernization efforts are vast. But it’s heartbeat is beautiful. It breathes life. It has New England charm that knocks your socks off. The yard boasts gorgeous large trees that take your breath away. The details are one of a kind and It. Is. Home. We felt it instantly.

We’re excited for what’s next. We’re pumped to get to work on filling it with love, with laughter, with the pitter-patter (ok, more like stampeding) of our three little men as we make memories together within the walls. My heart is filled with so much promise for our home; it’s foundation blessed; it’s inhabitants loved.


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