This is a Move

God is good ALL THE TIME…and all the time GOD IS GOOD! It is Tuesday, October 22nd and God moved in such a profound way today. It’s funny. I don’t know why I still am amazed by what He does, but I am. He consistently reminds me that He is alive. That He does miracles today, not just in biblical days.

Today we returned to the gymnasium. The same place in which our team was turned away yesterday, with discouraged hearts. We prayed together and felt God telling us that the nine suitcases of donated clothing we brought down to bless the evacuees was meant for our Haitian brothers and sisters. And so we stepped out in obedience.

There’s a story in the book of Luke of a sick woman who has bled for twelve years that is believing for her healing. She crawls through an enormous crowd of people to get to Jesus. When she can’t get there, can’t even see His face through the crowd, she reaches out and touches His robe. The very act coupled with her faith heals her on the spot. All because of her faith put into action. (Luke 8: 40-48)

And so here we are, a team of 9 faithful believers who were rejected by man the day before from going inside. This team, reached out and touched Jesus’ robe; believing for a miracle! And so we stood outside the gymnasium. We formed a circle on the grass, holding hands and bowing our heads. We began to pray. As we prayed, God began to move. One after another each of us were tapped on the hands by our Haitian brothers and sisters standing outside the gymnasium to join with us in prayer. Our circle grew larger. Larger. LARGER. LARGER!!!

And then we began to sing. We began to worship. “God, You’re so good…God, You’re so good…God, You’re so good…You’re so good to me”. Song after song we sang. The Haitians joined in humming and our language became common. They didn’t know the words but they knew the love of God. We worshipped together and then called out for those needing prayer. One by one our team laid hands on them. We prayed for healing, for peace, for restoration, for strength, for hope, for leadership, for vulnerability, for joy in hardship. We prayed for their children and with their children. We prayed for their loved ones, lost and found. We prayed for the Bahamas. We prayed for Haiti. We prayed for unification. We prayed for the body of them to rise up and disciple to their fellow Haitians on the inside of the gymnasium that we could not get to. We prayed in the spirit and equipped many of them with the Word of God.

I’m crying as I write this testimony of how powerful and loving our God is. He always makes a way and is an ON TIME GOD!

We were able to get many clothing needs of women with children fulfilled. We blessed them with necessities they could not get from the Donation Center, because of red tape and protocol. We left there after hours in the hot sun blessed beyond measure, additional clothing going to our hosts to carry on this work with their ministries. I just can’t even wait to get to heaven and see the friends made today again. God you are so good.

As we left there, with hearts absolutely bursting, we were led to provide a blessing for the children’s orphanage we visited on day 1. The girls in this home were living in quarters with a broken air conditioning unit. Our team, because of the generosity of so many, was able to purchase a ductless AC unit to install for them to be able to sleep easy out of oppressive heat. It’s just incredible to be able to do this and love on those kids awhile longer. We also donated clothing here and got the office ink to be able to print school and medical paperwork for the children and brought them toddler and children’s Bibles.

You guys, it’s overwhelming to really share from my heart all the ways I saw God today. I’m so grateful. And I’m grateful for this amazing team. Along with Andrew, we saw each and every one of our team stretched and growing in their faith. We witness Him equipping this team to tackle the mission field in our backyard, where less than 2% of the NH population identifies as a follower of Jesus.

Thank you Jesus for this team. Thank you for the ways you move. Thank you for being an on time God that never overlooks a single detail. Thank you for your protection and your travel mercies. Thank you for the ways in which you spoke to each of us, stirring in us a greater love for you.

I know some of you may be reading this journal entry and thinking to yourselves “But why boast? Why tell everyone of the good deeds you’ve done? Why not just silently help others? Why do you need the credit for helping someone in need?” Please hear my heart loud and clear. I don’t share the experience of this mission trip to share about anything that I have done. Truth is I have done nothing. If that is your sentiment, I’m ok with that; it just means a work is still being done in your own heart. We’re human and we’re allowed to think whatever we want. But hear this; this is not a boast or a brag about me. I am bragging about Jesus. I am boasting about His fatherly love. He showed off big time on this trip in the most unimaginable, magnificent ways. If your heart is anything but amazed by what I am sharing, I’d love to spend some time with you.

Let me introduce you to my God. The one who saved me when I was lost, when I was broken, when I was depressed. When I was filled with resentment and unforgiveness. In Him I found a peace, a joy that I have never known. And so with all I am, I will worship Him.


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