From Disfunction to FUNction!

After taking a bit of a blogging hiatus while I was healing from surgery, I’m so excited to be back at my computer to share how phase 2 of a major household project came out. You may recall the post Pantry Love from a few months back. That pantry renovation was part of a bigger project to convert an oddly placed bedroom and 3/4 bath into a functional space allowing our family direct access into the garage.

This project was grueling. Read: NOT FUN. If you want to fight with your spouse just try to tackle a major DIY together. Haha! Kidding aside, we finished this six month project just in time to host my Dad’s retirement party. There’s nothing like 50 people showing up at your door to motivate you to get out a paint brush and finish painting a bathroom so folks aren’t staring at dry wall.

Honestly, it didn’t need to be 6 months but was. First construction issues, then life (Christmas, work, kid’s activities, vacation, surgery)… anything but this room. Anyway, we finished it and today you get to peek inside!

So how about a reminder of what it once was…

Prior owner’s decorating preferences aside, the space was not working for our family. We didn’t need the additional bedroom and the space lacked good sense. We wanted a house with a garage to avoid going outside in the freezing New Hampshire cold to wipe a foot of snow off our vehicles. In what world would you want to walk outside to go back inside?

We also desperately wanted three other things from this space. The first was an exterior entrance for our dog to have easy access to the backyard that didn’t require all 130 pounds of him trucking his muddy paws through our office. The second was a laundry space that was on the main level of our house. The laundry game is endless around here and neither my husband or I were all that jazzed to lug basket upon basket up and down from the basement. The third was having bathroom space maintained for guests on our main living level. This was particularly important to us because we have future plans to renovate our master bath which will require we remove the wall between our current master bath and the hallway 1/2 bath to expand the square footage giving me…ummmm, I mean, US…our dream bathroom (future blog when that project gets underway).

And so this project got underway. We hired out the major construction and plumbing efforts, but otherwise tackled this baby on our own. We couldn’t be happier with the final results, which are definitely worth the very long wait!

Ready for the reveal?! Goodbye strangely placed bedroom randomly off our kitchen and hello mudroom/laundry room/bathroom. So in love! Sooooo much function!

So what did this transformation entail?

  • fully gutting all interior space
  • removing chair rail all around room
  • cutting openings for exterior door to backyard and to the garage
  • installing two steel, weatherproof doors
  • building out interior walls for 1/2 bath and laundry area
  • repositioning heating to flow into bathroom area
  • reworking of plumbing for laundry and bathroom
  • dry wall, dry wall, dry wall
  • installing of new hardwood floors
  • painting of all walls and trim
  • installing new lights in laundry, mudroom, and bathroom areas
    decorating to complete the look

Honestly, we’re so pumped with the outcome! Worth the wait, worth the money, worth the arguments. We’d do it all again (maybe even quicker next time)! Our Master bath is next for us once I’m fully back on my feet but wanted to share this exciting transformation since it’s been a bit since I posted on the house. Seeing our home come together has been so rewarding. Hope you enjoy the before and afters!


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