Let it Snow!

22 plus inches of snow is upon us here in New Hampshire. I know, I know. Some of you despise snow. This post is for you. This post is to remind you to be grateful and to choose joy. Always choose joy.

So as we gear up for the storm here’s 22 things (one for every inch) I’m thankful for and looking forward to on this joyous snow filled weekend;

  1. Homemade chicken noodle soup made by my sweet husband
  2. Cozy blankets and LLBean moccasins
  3. Our fun loving Bernese Mountain dog, Bear, that will be having a field day prancing around outside
  4. Snowmen, snowforts, snowball fights #boymomma
  5. Wine (need I say more?)
  6. A snowblower and a four-wheel driver vehicle
  7. The long holiday weekend honoring Martin Luther King, Jr. How far we’ve come…how far we still need to go…
  8. A guitar, a piano, and the pipes the good Lord gave me
  9. Enough firewood to keep us warm
  10. Board games, Play Doh, and family time
  11. Patriots’ football! Let’s goooo!
  12. Naps. I’m sooo grateful for naps
  13. Healthy children that will awake with eyes lite with wonder
  14. Time to paint my bathroom and finish off the laundry room
  15. Popcorn and movies
  16. The ability to stay in our pajamas all day long
  17. Laughter; when you live with your best friend there will be constant laughter
  18. Books to read
  19. The beauty of our yard blanketed in white; snow coating the evergreens that circle our property
  20. A roof over our heads protecting us from elements
  21. Cuddles on the couch with our little men
  22. A good God that makes it all possible

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